About Us

Oddiebelle’s Food Products is assertive to our clients for we provide a decisive taste of satisfaction from each of our products. Our products are satisfactory for it is based on the facts provided by our existing customers and not merely opinionated. Our company is purposeful and goal-oriented to make a difference to our community by providing employment

Many tried to compare us to our competitors, unfortunately, none of them justified our weakness. They often compare it to the traditional way it is made. Taste and you’ll see the big gap between experience and taste you never imagined. Simple to greatness is what we provide. If you can’t beat them, join them. Many challenged us, now, they are our satisfied and happy customers. Every consumer deserves a quality product and exquisite taste. Our customers often return for the second time to experience our delicious products. We never failed the expectation of our clients and we continue to strive to provide better quality.we bring satisfaction for all ages, from the young ones and to young at heart also.

Oddiebelle’s food continues to strive in becoming well known in making peanut brittle. Making the other cities nearby recognize our products. Our product often compares with the other city’s peanut brittle hence the taste and the texture are different. The company wants to be the best producer of peanut brittle in the country.

We also provide high-quality products because it comes from high-quality ingredients. They are thoroughly made by experts who honed their skills for years, therefore, they can make you a toothsome and mouthwatering food that your taste buds can’t resist to ask for more. We are happy that our customers are leaving our store with joy in their hearts.